Wadmalaw Book Cover


Wadmalaw is a ghost story about a young couple who get a great buy on a beautiful old home on Wadmalaw Island, one of the Sea Islands by Charleston, SC. They soon find out why they got such a good deal as they become enmeshed in a struggle with the furies of that location that are bent on their destruction. They also discover that their purchase of that home, far from happenstance, was the design of a malevolent force from their historical past.

Opening Lines

“Did you hear that?” Liv sat up in bed.

“What?” Autis disengaged himself from the early stages of sleep.


“No. I was asleep.”

“Well, I did. There’s someone in the basement.”

“The dog would let us know.”


“He would, trust me. Go back to sleep.” Autis rolled over and covered his head with a pillow.

“I’m goin down there,” Liv turned on her bedside light.

“Oh hell, I’ll go.” Autis rose from their bed naked, and moved toward the doorway.

“Put on some clothes.”

“What, you don’t want to embarrass the burglar?”

“Shit.” Liv flounced from the bed and, wrapping herself in a sheer robe, strode to the doorway. Autis followed, his nakedness shining in the full moon that hung over the Carolina Sound. He carried his large Mag-Lite like a club.

Author's Notes

Charleston, South Carolina is notorious for the number and kind of ethereal circumstances. This story was born from the author’s personal experiences while visiting the lovely home of his wife’s niece on the sound of Wadmalaw Island. There are probably occurrences that cannot be understood, but must be merely accepted. Events deemed supernatural are made all the more exasperating by holders of two opposing points of view: On the one hand, there are those who have their own personal description or explanation of the occurrence (almost always wrong); opposed are those who flatly deny the existence of such forces or entities — equally wrong. Where do your truths lay?