SS Jew Book Cover

SS Jew

SS Jew is about a prisoner who escapes certain death in a concentration camp of World War II Nazi Germany. There is only one way out, and he takes it. He assumes the identity of a Nazi SS Officer as he attempts to make it across Germany in the hope of meeting up with the invading allied forces. Ask yourself: Escape or die. To what lengths would you go?

Opening Lines

“We could pass for brothers,” the lieutenant said, rising from his picnic blanket.

“The tattoo on my arm tells a different story, Herr Lieutenant.”

“Of course.” The lieutenant carefully brushed bread crumbs from his tunic. “I have left some food for you, Meier.”

“Thank you, Herr Lieutenant. May I finish making the last connections in this transformer?”

“Finish your task, prisoner Meier. Then you may eat.”

“Thank you, Herr Lieutenant.” Meier hunkered over the transformer and expertly connected the leads he had freed earlier. He finished the repair in fifteen minutes and then turned a hungry eye to the food spread out on the young officer’s blanket.

“May I?” he asked.

“Your hands are filthy. Wash them in the stream, and I will cut some wurst and bread. You may also eat one of these chocolates my mother sent me. I will share my orange with you, and there is a boiled egg. You are very fortunate today.”

“Yes, Herr Lieutenant. Thank you.”

Kneeling at the water’s edge, Meier scrubbed his hands with river silt. He mused over the fine features of his reflection. He had not seen himself in a mirror for months.

Thinner. Older. Grim.


I visited Dachau.