Bart Bare

Bart Bare brings a perspective both broad and deep to the written page. As a child of mid-western factory workers, he experienced the passions and pleasure of an extended Italian family as well as the rich ethnicity of first and second generation immigrant neighbors. His early years were with people who desperately wanted to become part of the greater America. Bart's mother was first generation Italian, and his father the son of Appalachian German ancestors who came to America in the early 1700s. Bart's paternal grandmother was of American Indian heritage.

His mother's second marriage brought Bart Bare to a small, semi-rural community in Florida, where he quickly adapted to the culture and environment of what was once a tropical paradise. He finished high school with a close-knit group of friends, and attended college in a number of Florida institutions of higher learning as he moved around the state and the south. He completed degrees in psychology from the University of South Florida, and Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.

Before completing his college degrees, Bart worked as a shrimper, salesman, bulldozer operator, landscaper, and in community organizations. He also served three years as a paratrooper in North Carolina, and in Germany where he picked up another language. Bart retired as a college educator after twenty-seven years, and elected to follow an ancient Chinese adage which holds that the retiree, rather than stop working, must take on a completely new life: New profession, new friends, activities, and orientation. Writing is Bart's second life work, which he does in his home at Blue Moon Gap on the Eastern Slopes of Grandfather Mountain just west of Blowing Rock, NC.

Bart and Caroline, his wife of thirty-nine years, enjoy their wooded mountain vista, along with a houseful of dogs and cats, and fields teeming with wildlife. His hobbies are bee-keeping, reading, and walking mountain paths with his wife.